From everyone at Beacon Plus, Welcome! . We hope your time with us is one that is rewarding and fun.

We understand that you may have some concerns and anxiety about starting with us in September , which is completely normal. We’ve put together some task, videos and information, that you might find useful. We encourage you to take a look around our website as well as the tasks set out on this page, to hopefully relieve some of your worries. We will try our best, to make you feel safe and welcome as we can.

If you would like to speak with someone at Beacon Plus to perhaps clarify any question, or just talk about what to expect please ring us on 01303 395041

[mvc_flip_box height=”450″ lineheight=”0″ size=”30″ front_bg=”#d3a230″ title=”Behaviour” color=”#ffffff” desc=”Click Here” descrcolor=”#ffffff”]

As adults we are not going to tell you how to behave, you already know. But here are some guidelines to help. 


Beacon Plus does not accept any anti-social behaviour. 

You’re expected to conduct yourself in a calm and adult manner. As we share the building with other companies, we have to consider other people trying to do their work. 


If you do have a problem, we have staff members that can sit down with you and work though the concern or difficulty in a calm and appropriate way. 


[mvc_flip_box height=”450″ lineheight=”0″ size=”30″ front_bg=”#1e73be” title=”Dress Code” color=”#ffffff” desc=”Click Here” descrcolor=”#ffffff”]Beacon Plus does not have a uniform but has a dress code. 


As a learner you are expected to wear smart clean clothes, so no t-shirts with big logos or ripped jeans. 


When we hold a community event you will be asked to wear the appropriate clothing that would be required for that event. Don’t worry we will tell you what you need to wear well before the event. [/mvc_flip_box]

[mvc_flip_box height=”450″ lineheight=”0″ size=”30″ front_bg=”#72aa17″ title=”Team Work” color=”#ffffff” desc=”Click Here” descrcolor=”#ffffff”]Beacon Plus considers teamwork a good skill helping one another builds friendships with your fellow peers. 

When the time comes to put on an event it will be you the learners that will work as a team to get the right result.  [/mvc_flip_box]

[mvc_flip_box height=”450″ lineheight=”0″ size=”30″ front_bg=”#0a2438″ title=”Attendance” color=”#ffffff” desc=”Click Here” descrcolor=”#f2f2f2″]As a learner of Beacon Plus you will have the mobile number that you can use if you are going to be late or absent.  


If you are going to be absent you do need to phone and tell us or your work placement why you are not in. 


You will sign in and out each time you arrive and leave the building. [/mvc_flip_box]

Session 2 – Experiences of Work


Beacon Plus has been running an enterprise project since December 2019.

Enterprise is an important part of learning at Beacon Plus. Taking part in enterprise projects enables you to learn new skills and improve those you already have, to be work ready. These skills are called transferrable skills and are essential to employers when hiring staff.

Transferrable skills are listening, speaking, problem solving, creativity, aiming high, working in a team, decision making and leadership skills.

How did we start our first project?

We contacted the The Quarter house to ask if we could hold regular coffee afternoons in their café area.

They asked us to put together a business plan to present to them.

In our weekly enterprise sessions we shared ideas of items we could make and how we could put them in place.

We all decided photos would be a good selling point. We took photos of the local art projects around the town.

We used the photos to create many different items to sell alongside the teas and coffees.

The learners created a powerpoint presentation to make to the Quarter House.

The whole group took part in the presentation which was a great success and we were invited to hold our coffee afternoon and stall every term.

The group produced flyers and posters to advertise the event with a map to show people where to find the Quarter House.

The learners asked local shop owners if they would display the posters in the window to advertise the event.

The learners had to work within a budget making sure they didn’t spend too much money on resources or tea and coffee.

The group then had to work out how much it had cost to make the items so that we could sell them and make a small profit.

After weeks of making lots of great items it was time to sell to the public.


The afternoon went really well. The learners successfully ran the stall and a coffee bar.

As well as developing skills, the aim of the enterprise project is to make a profit to go towards the next project.