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To us every individual is unique. The Beacon Plus is a specialist college which aims to value, support and challenge its learners so that they can achieve success. We support learners to develop in all aspects of life in line with the preparing for adulthood framework. Beacon Plus provides flexible pathways, offering a range of accreditations that are adapted to meet each learner’s needs, while increasing their independence at a personalised pace.

The intended outcomes from Beacon Plus are to increase the opportunities to access employment and develop skills for independent adulthood for a range of young adults whose statutory education was within a specialist setting.

Beacon Plus was extremely successful in its first year with two learners gaining and sustaining paid employment.

Beacon Plus is a collaborative partner of The Beacon School and continues the ethos and culture of high expectations and personalised learning, leading to good rates of progress. We offer access to high-quality opportunities to all learners to support them to develop necessary skills needed to live independently and successfully in our modern world.