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Beacon Plus Governors (ID 1253)

Chair of Governors - KirstenT@beacon-plus.org.uk

Clerk to the Governors: winterc@beacon-plus.org.uk




Our Board of Governors has a clear ethos of providing outstanding provision.

Our goals are to:

  • set the strategic directions in which our provision is to develop;
  • ensure a robust management structure and strong succession planning is in place;
  • oversee prudent financial management and ensure that money is well spent;
  • monitor and hold the senior leadership to account for:
    • ensuring excellence in all aspects of our educational provision;
    • maintaining the highest levels of safeguarding;
    • monitoring the physical and emotional well-being of learners and staff;
    • continuously improving all aspects of our teaching and outreach.

We welcome looking outward to our partners to both, share and adopt, outstanding practice.


Governor Roles and Working Parties

Directors - Ady Young, Julie Nixon