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Beacon Plus welcomes applications from individuals within the Kent Community with the motivation to learn and the potential to succeed on a route into employment. Beacon Plus is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all individuals seeking a place on a programme of study.

Admissions to Beacon Plus are the responsibility of the Directors and Head of Centre of Beacon Plus in conjunction with the LA (Local Authority) where all learners will have an Educational Health Care Plan. 

Beacon Plus operates an open Admissions Policy that ensures fair, transparent and equitable treatment of all applicants and is committed to providing a flexible, high-quality teaching and learning environment, focused on supporting learners in achieving their full potential. Beacon Plus accepts the importance of diversity in terms of background and experience, where all learners contribute to a stimulating learning environment.

Beacon Plus currently caters for a wide range of needs including: Specific learning difficulties, speech impairment, communication disorders, sensory impairment (Hearing, Visual) perceptual problems, Autistic Spectrum Continuum, behaviour difficulties related to cognition. Physical and sensory impairment and medical needs, with many learners experiencing a combination of these difficulties in addition to their learning needs.

Learners with an Education Health and Care plan can study up to the age of 25 years if they are able to demonstrate that they are progressing in their learning and have a willingness to travel independently. For these learners with a higher level of need, Beacon Plus can provide a range of support including additional time to meet the expectations of the individual student’s needs. These will be assessed when the applicant is invited in for a support and assessment meeting.

All applicants are considered for admission, based on their willingness to learn, attitude and educational performance that provides evidence of ability to meet the demands of the chosen course and their ability to travel independently.

Dress code –

  • Smart/casual and depends upon your timetabled activities. Please note:
  • Sportswear including trainers is only for wellbeing activities
  • No ripped jeans or big logos, no ‘FCUK’ logos or inappropriate slogans or images
  • Our dress code is to mirror a professional work environment 


Stage 1 Application stage

Opportunities for learners to view Beacon Plus and its facilities prior to the commencement of a course will be organised by holding; Open Days, Advice and Guidance sessions, Taster Days and interview. • Open Days are events organised by Beacon Plus with participation from all current staff. 

Stage 2 Application stage

All applicants will have named Beacon Plus on their EHCPs with information that meets the entry criteria for courses and programmes of study. Beacon Plus may request references and/or school reports for a potential learner who is not from a feeder school. When both the school/home visit if appropriate and the admissions meeting has been completed, Beacon Plus will email the LA to inform them of the admission decision including admission date, process and transition if appropriate. Admission to Beacon Plus will consider the implications for effective education and the efficient use of resources and the implications for Beacon Plus as a whole.

Following the offer of a place, Beacon Plus will arrange the transition process alongside the current provision to ensure all information is shared and the learner is able to access Beacon Plus successfully. Where an Authority requesting admission is not in Kent (out of County Looked after Children), the same process will be followed as far as is practical, with the liaison likely to be via telephone rather than a visit. 

Stage 3 Offer

  • All offers of places and enrolments at Beacon Plus are made based on: There is enough demand for the course offered
  • There were enough spaces available on the course concerned (first come first served basis from receipt of application)
  • Meeting the published entry requirements of the chosen programme
  • Suitable references and checks as required. Where Beacon Plus staff identify that a student is unsuitable for their programme, they will refer them for another interview or a guidance interview by completing Beacon Plus interview paperwork.

Appeals Process

Learners who wish to appeal against any decision during the admissions process should contact the Head of Beacon Plus. All appeals should be made in writing within 10 days. Assistance with this will be provided if required on request. 

Beacon Plus strives to be an all-inclusive environment where we respect and encourage individual differences. We are always looking for opportunities to champion equality through the broadening of knowledge and experiences of everyone across our community.

For further information, please contact Beacon Plus on 01303 395041.