Welcome To The Beacon Plus!

The Beacon Plus is a Post-19 college for students aged between 19 to 25 years old. We pride ourselves in offering full time study programs for students with additional learning needs, with an outcome to supply them with the skills and knowledge needed to enter employment and live an independent life.

The Beacon Plus opened in September of 2019, With a vision of helping 19 – 25 years olds with additional learning needs get into employment using our unique study programm, the aim of which is to make our students confident and successful. Students will continue their study in English and Maths and will be participating in a number of other programms one of which being our enterprise programm, where they will learn to run and manage stalls and cafes in their local community.

The Beacon Plus took inspiration from the great work that they are doing at The Beacon, taking some of their key values and adapting them into our own, “respect, support, challege and succues” The Beacon Plus is run by Mel Winter the assistant head and leader of the sixth form at The Beacon and was the one that developed the idea into what it is today.

The Beacon Plus now nearly a year on from our opening have had some major successes with our students, developing their skills and providing them with enough foundation and experience to transition into employment. Proud of what we have achieved so far and knowing that we can do the same for many other young adults, we have started to increase our capacity only a year on from opening.